Stefan Moberg

One of my earliest memories is helping my grandmother wind rags for rugs into neat balls. Another early memory is collecting plants in the forest for natural dyeing together with my mother. 

Growing up around textiles and textile crafts has given me a natural relationship and interest in textile materials. For a long time I was a knitter, but then I finally “found my way home" in weaving and spinning! As a designer I have been involved in several different publications, among them VÄV - Scandinavian Weaving Magazine and Ashford's magazine The Wheel, and as a handspinner I've won prizes in the Swedish Championship in handspinning as well as other competitions. I've been involved in several art exhibitions, both with woven textiles and yarns.

I weave all kinds of fabrics, from delicate shawls to dense and durable upholstery. I spin fine threads and thick yarns in all sorts of materials. I love to combine these two crafts and weave with my handspun yarns, resulting in a very personal cloth.

Please contact me for price information and to discuss your ideas!