I have three damask blankets for sale. The blankets measure about 130 x 190 cm (39 x 51 in) and are woven in a yarn that's spun in Sweden, made from wool from Sweden and New Zealand. They're woven in damask using a six-end satin. The patterns are my own and the blankets are all unique, i.e. there is only one of each.
Please contact me for more info!
/ Stefan


Hand woven garments

I've started collaborating with my friend Erika von Knorring, where we produce garments out of hand woven fabrics. The first one we've done is a jacket and skirt in a tweed fabric. More projects have been planned and will turn up in the future.

Making garments out of hand woven textiles is a special kind of feeling. On the one hand you feel rather a lot of stress, from cutting up that fabric that you've spent hours and hours on setting up in the loom and weaving it. On the other hand you have a feeling of possibility, since you can plan your garment from scratch. You can choose the colours of the fabric, the structure and pattern and the fit of the garment and the design. It's a very creative process with lots and lots of possibilities! 


The knitted baby blanket "Kypert" (twill) is sold as a project kit through Gudruns Ullbod
The kit makes a 75 x 94 cm (29.5" x 37") blanket and it contains a pattern and the yarn. It's SEK495 + shipping. To order, please send an email to Suzanne Mellgren and specify that you want a pattern in English.