Weaving fascinates and all of us are daily in contact with it in some way, whether we're aware of it or not. Textiles are everywhere, and every day of our lives we're in contact with them. Have you ever considered how many textiles you're in contact with during a day?

I weave all sorts of textiles on the two looms at home in my flat outside Stockholm, Sweden: from the basic plain weave with its distinct over-under-over-under-pattern to sophisticated Damask and experimental versions of the almost infinitely changeable twill. Mostly I like weaving in natural materials such as wool, flax and cotton but I've also experimented with other materials.

A lot of people think of rag rugs when they think of weaving, but even though the rag rug is an important part of our weaving legacy, weaving can be so much more! Weaving can be a piece of cloth for clothing, it can be the upholstery on your kitchen chairs or sofa, it can be a blanket to hide under on a cold autumn day, it can be the fabric for those old speakers that you're renovating - weaving can even be three-dimensional! Only our imagination sets the limits for what it can be!"